Emotional Eating

Emotional eating can become a habit and/or an addiction.  How do we  work through emotional eating?

1. Any habit or addiction requires daily work. Understanding what the triggers are is the first step. Then finding a replacement for the food when you are triggered. Keep a journal and figure out your triggers in context with the five senses (1) hearing (2) seeing (3) smelling (4) taste and (5) texture (feel).  May of us have good memories when we smell something baking or simmering.  It can take us back to a simpler and safer time with Grandma (if that is your experience).  However, we get triggered by the bad memories and we go about a typical behaviour attached to that memory.  For some it is emotional eating.

2. Filling your stomach with food instead of filling the empty/void inside you. Keep a journal of when you eat (day, night, morning), what has just happened (use your trigger journal), and what you eat. Try to find the common denominator.

3, People who have been sexually assaulted often have a weight gain. This is about protection. So ask yourself what are you still protecting yourself from.

4. Meditation, yoga, mindfulness, walks, drumming, smudging, 9 second breath (whatever works to relax you and distract you)

5. A great support network

6. Keep track of your dreams as they will tell you what is going on in your life>  My introduction to dreams is on June 16 at 1:00 via joinme.com.  Please let me know if you are interested and I will send the particulars to you.

Our bodies have memory cells. The brain is wired to know that when you feel ___(fill in the blank) you will eat and send that cortisol (the stress hormone). Our brains are plastic and capable of being rewired. Because your body has developed the habit of turning to food to release stress (even if you don’t consciously know you are doing it) the signal from the brain will be to eat something that you find comforting. These foods are usually carb and sugar/fat based.

Think about Chocolate and how that makes people feel good for a few minutes because it has released a feel good chemical to the brain. However too much and we have the crash from the sugar high. Which then prompts the brain to send the signal to eat again.

So you can see how the addiction cycle gets fed (no pun intended).


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I am a woman! I am strong and vulnerable! I am happy and embrace life! I am you!
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