What is the purpose of secrets and lies?  Secrets are insidious; they eat you away inside.  When someone has a secret they can no longer hold onto they pull someone else into it.  The second you share your secret with another you feel somewhat unburdened but you have now burdened another with heaviness.

This is a sample from my book, SECRETS AND LIES


Hmmmm, how many of you are saying that it is the down trodden, those less fortunate, those less educated?  Whose standards are those?  Well it is your neighbor who secretly wears women’s clothes, uses drugs, is embezzling from their work place.  It is people in authority.  How many times have you picked up a newspaper or turned on the news to see and hear that a judge, priest, teacher, police officer, parent, politician, has just been charged or sentenced.

What about those who struggle with finances in today’s microwave/techno society. Sure let’s blame them for not being successful.  At What?  By whose standards?  What about the single mom of three who came to our country for a better life for her children.  What happens when the stress of owning/operating a business clashes head on with parenting?  Helping with homework, attending school functions, watching after school games and activities.  The mom who just needs to keep going because if she stops there is no one to take over the kids, the household, the business.  The mother reaches for a way to stay awake to get everything accomplished.  Fit in the drug of choice here, cocaine, oxy, crystal meth.  When she realizes she needs it and can no longer afford it, she is already in too deep.  The consequence of smuggling?  Not seeing her children graduate, or go tot heir first prom, see their child’s first date, see her child win a trophy.  This is a high price to pay for trying to be a good mother.

Who has made a wrong choice?  Remember that you can.

About rjfroms

I am a woman! I am strong and vulnerable! I am happy and embrace life! I am a collection of you!
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