Are values old fashioned?

Isn’t it interesting that people talk about “Old Fashioned Values”!  When did values become a fad, or the past?  I think I missed that memo.  Values are the beliefs that we have that help us define our role in our life and in the global world.  Values give us the road map to treating ourselves and others well.

Our values come from many different avenues.  We initially learn from our familial surroundings, then school, religious leaders, peers, sports personnel, social interactions, and media, then our children.

I remember when:

  • a date would park his car, come up to the door, ring the bell and meet the parents before we went out.  Now……keep the car idling and honk the horn.
  • you would hold the door open for someone or they would for you.  Now… to catch the door because they won’t hold it
  • you said thank you and you are welcome.  Now……sense of entitlement
  • you said please.  Now…….entitlement
  • when you respected others and kept trashy language out of conversations.  Now……swearing in restaurants, stores, offices, especially younger people
  • when grandchildren loved and respected their grandparents.  Now……not interested in the history of the family
  • families had meals together.  Now…..scattered lives
  • Sunday was the big family dinner day.  Now…..Sunday is a day to get the chores done because we are all too busy the rest of the week.
  • playing outside was safe and we learned how to negotiate/play with others.  Now…..isolation as children are attached to electronics
  • being rude to your parents meant time out in your room, or a swat on the butt (not abuse). Now…….encourage your child to use “their words” (they did that is why they are swearing at you)
  • children were taught chores and given small allowances to show that they had fulfilled their part of the bargain in learning life skills.  Now…….so many young people who cannot do laundry, clean a bathroom, cook
  • we called if we were going to be late or miss an appointment. Now……. no big deal if you leave people in the lurch because it is all about self now

I know that there are people out there who continue to understand and use values.  Values are NOT old fashioned.  If more people had a positive set of tenets that they lived by, the world would not be in such a chaotic state.  Wars are about one bully insisting on others following their rules and beliefs.

Without proper guidance it is all too easy for people to believe in the messages that media sends.  Be careful what games your children are playing, what music they are listening to, what movies they are watching, who they are associating with.  Too often the messages they are receiving is about violence and disrespect.  Teach your children about fantasy and reality and above all teach them about RESPECT, HONOUR, TRUTH, HUMILITY, LOVE, and FAITH!

Let’s get the world back to a loving and respectful environment.  Values are NOT old fashioned; they are not a FAD; they are not OUT OF STYLE.

About rjfroms

I am a woman! I am strong and vulnerable! I am happy and embrace life! I am you!
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