It is at this time of year that I find people expressing feelings of depression.  The change in weather, light time, and rush towards Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations may affect how a person feels.

There is a difference between burnout and stress, and between depression and sadness.  For those of you in the business community you may find yourself in a pressure cooker situation.  For some that is trying to stay afloat, it is also to be competitive and because of the time of year.

How is burnout defined? Grassroots Leadership College facilitators say, “Burnout produces a sense of helplessness and hopelessness.”  Burnout is a loss of ideals and hope. Stress is a loss of fuel and energy.”  Depression is a clinical diagnosis over time with a certain set of criteria.  Sadness is usually episodic and can be triggered by external events.

How does one overcome this sense of burnout?

  • Take control of your attitude and behaviours
  • Set clear and realistic boundaries for yourself; learn to say “no”
  • Have realistic goals. Unrealistic goals lead to failure.
  • Express your feelings to your support team; don’t keep them inside
  • Find the passion again
  • Look for humor in the workplace.
  • Do something physical to reduce the effects of stress.
  • Reward yourself after all you are the most important person in your life, pray/meditate, listen to or make music, draw/doodle, read something other than work reports, do puzzles, daydream, think outside your box.
  • Focus on the positive. Change those negative thoughts into positive ones.

Stay safe, be kind to yourself and others.

About rjfroms

I am a woman! I am strong and vulnerable! I am happy and embrace life! I am a collection of you!
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