I believe that any illness is manifesting what is happening for you right now at this very moment you are sick.  The best book I have seen on the subject if by Louise L. Hay called “Heal Your Body”.  In it she explains how our mental anguish causes our physical anguish (my interpretation).

I had four different operations to remove cysts from my bladder.  What was that all about?  Looking back at an abusive relationship made me realize that I had held a lot inside and was afraid to “let go”.  I was afraid to get angry so I internalize a lot of it.  I was “pissed” off at myself for not standing up and I was “pissed” off at him for being controlling, abusive, and manipulative.  Of course when I finally left that relationship I never had another bladder operation again.  If only I knew then what I know now!

During that same time period I have cysts and a large tumour removed from my left breast.  So I understand that female breasts are designed to nourish/feed and I believe because it was by my heart that once again, I was undernourished, underfed in self-worth, love, and esteem.  Those symptoms have not reoccurred either since I left that relationship.

How often have you used the phrase, “s/he makes me sick to my stomach”?  I will bet you that you actually feel physically sick to your stomach.  Look at your network of people and find who that person is and then deal with them.

Headaches are usually manifested by not speaking your truth; keeping things inside your head.  Passivity definitely leads to headaches.  Speak your say in a good healthy way and stop the insanity of headaches.  There is so much good information out there on how to effectively communicate.  I have two posted on YOUTUBE at and

Sore shoulders, neck, back?  What weight are you carrying around that is not yours to keep?  What responsibility have you taken on that is so heavy you physically hurt?  Look at your life and the people in it.  Who isn’t taking responsibility for their life, for their decisions, and for their behaviour?  Why did you decide to step in and be the gate keeper of that person’s choices?  You can’t fix someone else because  you didn’t break them in the first place.

I believe if we look at our symptoms we can do the mental work to rid ourselves of the dis-eases. As Louise L. Hays states, you can have the physical symptoms removed but if you don’t do the mental work those symptoms will just reoccur.

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I am a woman! I am strong and vulnerable! I am happy and embrace life! I am you!
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