Seniors are our history

Another seniors program has their funding cut.  This program served seniors who were isolated; it provided them with socializing and an opportunity to connect.  I don’t understand how a government cannot afford the $70,000 to help those who are our history.  This program shutting down after 18 years has pushed me to do my first blog. Other countries don’t treat their elders this way; they live together and help each other as one unit. It amazes me that as a North American society we value sports over our seniors.  Sports players make millions of dollars and we push the biggest wealth we have aside.  The message appears to be that seniors aren’t worth $70,000.  That is so wrong.  I am thankful that my mother, her sister, and their life long friend, each wrote a book about growing up on Annacis Island.  I don’t have the same knowledge of my father’s side of the family and that is a shame.  Our histories are so important in going forward and we lose a little each time we shut a senior out.  I miss my parents every day and am thankful for the stories that I do know and share with my grandkids.

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I am a woman! I am strong and vulnerable! I am happy and embrace life! I am you!
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